SIS Chipsets for AMD Athlon/Duron Processors

SiS has a variety of chipsets for the Athlon, Duron, and Athlon XP processors. These chipsets are discussed in the following:

SiS MuTIOL High-Speed North/South Bridge Connection

The SiS96x-series South Bridge chips use a high-speed bus called MuTIOL to connect with compatible North Bridge chips. The original version of MuTIOL (supported by the SiS961- and 962-series chips) is a 16-bit wide 266MHz connection that provides 533MBps bandwidth, twice the speed of the Intel hub architecture used by Intel's 800-series chipsets.

The SiS963-series and matching North Bridge chips use a second generation of MuTIOL called MuTIOL 1G, which supports a 16-bit-wide 533MHz connection to achieve bandwidths exceeding 1GBps.

When connected to the SiS748 North Bridge, the SiS963-series chips use a further development of MuTIOL called HyperStreaming, which integrates the following four technologies to further improve the speed of data transfer:

  • Single Stream with Low Latency Technology. Improves performance by 5%–43% depending on the activity.

  • Multiple Stream with Pipelining and Concurrent Execution Technology. Uses concurrent parallel data pipelines and simultaneous processing of nonsequential data. In file-copy operations, for example, performance increases as data file size increases.

  • Specific Stream with Prioritized Channel Technology. Improves playback of Internet music, video, and applications such as IP telephony and videoconferencing.

  • Smart Stream Flow Control Technology. Analyzes characteristics of different interfaces and improves performance.


The SiS730S is a high-performance, low-cost, single-chip chipset with integrated 2D/3D graphics and support for Socket A versions of the AMD Athlon and Duron.

The integrated video is based on a 128-bit graphic display interface with AGP 4x performance. In addition to providing a standard analog interface for CRT monitors, the SiS730S also provides the DFP for a digital flat panel monitor. An optional SiS301 video bridge supports NTSC/PAL TV output. The SiS730S also supports an AGP 4x slot, enabling users to upgrade to a separate AGP card in the future.

The SiS730S also includes integrated 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet as well as an AC-97-compliant interface that comprises a digital audio engine with 3D-hardware accelerator, on-chip sample rate converter, and professional wavetable along with separate modem DMA controller.

SiS730S also incorporates the LPC interface for attaching newer Super I/O chips and a dual USB host controller with six USB ports. The SiS730S can also be used with ISA slots if an optional LPC/ISA bridge chip is used.

Features of the SiS730S include:

  • Support for AMD Athlon/Duron processors with 200MHz system bus

  • Support for PC133 SDRAM

  • Meets PC99 requirements

  • PCI 2.2 compliant

  • Four PCI masters

  • Support for Ultra DMA100

  • Integrated AGP 2x 2D/3D video/graphics accelerator

  • Support for digital flat panel

  • Hardware DVD decoding

  • Built-in secondary CRT controller for independent secondary CRT, LCD, or TV digital output

  • LPC interface

  • Advanced PCI H/W audio (Sound Blaster 16 and DirectSound 3D compliant) and modem

  • Meets ACPI 1.0, APM 1.2 requirements

  • PCI Bus Power Management Interface Spec. 1.0

  • Integrated keyboard/mouse controller

  • Dual USB controller with six USB ports

  • Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet controller

SiS733 and SiS735

The SiS733 and SiS735 are high-performance single-chip sets that support the AMD Athlon and Duron Socket A processors. Similar to other SiS single-chip sets, the SiS733 and SiS735 incorporate the features of a traditional North Bridge, South Bridge, and Super I/O chip into a single chip.

The SiS733 supports PC133 SDRAM and uses a 682-pin BGA package. The SiS735 supports either PC133 or DDR266 SDRAM and integrates 10/100 Fast Ethernet and HomePNA 1Mbps/10Mbps Home Network interfaces. The SiS735 also uses a 682-pin BGA package.

The SiS733 and SiS735 share the following features:

  • Support for 4x AGP

  • Up to six PCI masters

  • Dual UDMA/100 IDE host adapters

  • 1.5GB RAM maximum

  • Six USB ports

  • AC'97 audio and AMR support

  • Integrated RTC

  • LPC interface for support of MIDI, joystick, and legacy BIOS devices

  • PC2001 compliant


The SiS740 is a dual-chip design that provides a high-speed integrated video solution for Athlon-class processors. Its North Bridge and South Bridge chips use the high-speed MuTIOL connection to transfer data. Its major features include

  • Integrated Real256 2D/3D graphics core with full DirectX 7 compatibility

  • Up to 128MB of shared memory

  • Hardware DVD playback

  • DDR266 memory support

It is designed to use the SiS961- or 962-series South Bridge chips.


The SiS745 is the first single-chip solution to integrate IEEE-1394a (FireWire 400) as part of its I/O. It is designed to provide a high-performance legacy-free solution. Its key features include the following:

  • DDR266/333 memory support up to 3GB

  • Support for Athlon XP processor as well as earlier models

  • Six USB 1.1 ports

  • Three IEEE-1394a ports

  • Legacy keyboard, mouse, floppy, MIDI, and joystick interfaces

  • ATA-100

  • AC'97 audio and AMR (audio modem riser) support for a V.90 soft modem

SiS746 and SiS746FX

The SiS746 is the first Athlon/Duron/Athlon XP–compatible chipset on the market to feature an AGP 8x interface. It is a two-piece chipset designed to connect with the SiS963-series South Bridge chipsets.

Key features include 266MHz system bus, support for DD266/333 memory, and a second-generation MuTIOL connection between the North and South Bridge chips that provides a 1BGps bandwidth.

The companion SiS963L South Bridge chip adds the following features: ATA-133 support, six USB 2.0 ports, six-channel AC'97 audio, and MII interface for HomePNA or 10/100 Ethernet networking. The SiS963 South Bridge chip adds IEEE-1394a (FireWire 400) support.

The SiS746FX North Bridge is an enhanced version of the SiS746, adding support for the 333MHz system bus and approved DDR400 memory. It also uses the SiS963 series of South Bridge chips.


Like the SiS746 series, the SiS748 also uses the SiS963 series of South Bridge chips, but it uses the latest HyperStreaming technology for a faster and more intelligent connection between the chips. Its other major features include

  • Up to 400MHz system bus

  • DDR266/333/400 memory support

  • AGP 8x interface