SIS Chipsets for P6-Class Processors

Silicon Integrated Systems has a variety of chipsets for the P6-class processors. They are discussed in the following:

SiS630 Family

The SiS630 is a high-performance, low-cost, single-chip set with integrated 2D/3D graphics and support for processors such as the Pentium III, Celeron, and Cyrix III/VIA C3.

The integrated video is based on a 128-bit graphic display interface with AGP 4x performance. In addition to providing a standard analog interface for CRT monitors, the SiS630 also provides the digital flat panel port (DFP) for a digital flat panel monitor. An optional SiS301 video bridge supports NTSC/PAL TV output.

The SiS630 also includes integrated 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet, as well as an AC97-compliant interface that comprises a digital audio engine with 3D-hardware accelerator, on-chip sample rate converter, and professional wavetable along with a separate modem DMA controller. SiS630 also incorporates the LPC interface for attaching newer Super I/O chips and a dual USB host controller with four USB ports.

Features of the SiS630 include the following:

  • Support for Intel/AMD/Cyrix/IDT Pentium CPU processor bus at 66/83/90/95/100/133MHz

  • Integrated 2MB Level 2 cache controller

  • PC133 SDRAM support

  • Meets PC99 requirements

  • PCI 2.2 compliant

  • Ultra DMA66/33 support

  • Integrated AGP 2x 2D/3D video/graphics accelerator

  • Support for digital flat panel

  • Hardware DVD decoding

  • Built-in secondary CRT controller for independent secondary CRT, LCD, or TV digital output

  • Low pin count interface

  • Advanced PCI H/W audio and S/W modem

  • Meets ACPI 1.0 requirements

  • PCI Bus Power Management Interface Spec. 1.0

  • Integrated keyboard/mouse controller

  • Dual USB controller with five USB ports

  • Integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet controller

The SiS630E chip is almost identical in its feature set but doesn't support the secondary CRT controller (also called the video bridge). The SiS630S chip adds support for an AGP slot and the new Advanced Communication Riser to the basic SiS630 features.

The SiS630ET and SiS630ST chips add support for the Tualatin 0.13 micron Pentium III and Celeron III processors. What's really amazing about the SiS630 family is that all these features are combined into a single chip that's not much larger than the North Bridge used by other chipsets.

SiS633/635 Family

The SiS633/635 family is a series of high-performance single-chip chipsets that support the Pentium III and Celeron Socket 370 processors. T-series chipsets also support the newer .13-micron Pentium III Tualatin processors released in May 2001.

The SiS633 and SiS633T chipsets support PC133 SDRAM, whereas the SiS635 and SiS635T chipsets support PC133 SDRAM, DDR266 DDR SDRAM, or a mixture of PC133 and DDR266 SDRAM. All chipsets in the family support the following features:

  • Integrated 4x AGP

  • Up to six PCI masters

  • UDMA/100 IDE host adapters

  • 1.5GB RAM

  • Six USB ports

  • AC97 audio and AMR support

SiS635/635T also support ACR or CNR riser technology and integrate 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and 1/10MHz Home PNA networking.

These chips use a 677-pin BGA package. The 633/635 family has been discontinued, and it appears that very few motherboards were built using these chipsets.


The SiS620/5595 is a North/South Bridge chipset with integrated video that supports Slot 1 or Socket 370 processors.

Features include the following:

  • 66/100MHz processor bus

  • Support for PC-100 SDRAM memory

  • Support for Ultra DMA 33/66

  • PCI 2.2 compliant

  • Integrated AGP 3D graphics accelerator

  • Support for digital flat panel port for LCD panel

SiS600/5595 and 5600/5595

The SiS600/SiS5595 is a slot-1 North/South Bridge chipset designed for lower-cost systems.

Its features include

  • 66/100MHz processor bus

  • PC-100 SDRAM with ECC

  • AGP 2x

  • Ultra DMA/33

  • Two USB ports

  • Advanced Configuration and Power Interface revision 1.0

This chipset has been discontinued.