Searching Dates

To help you target the precise date with the field box and the calendar, Acrobat offers you several options. To change the year, you can edit the field box and type the year for the date to be searched. In the field box you can change dates by clicking the day, month, and year, and then use the up or down arrow keys to scroll dates.

The dates revolve like an odometer. Select a day, and then click the month to highlight the value and press the arrow keys again until you find the correct month. Move to the year and follow the same steps to select the correct year. You can also select any one of the three values and type new values you want to search when the text is selected.

The text you type replaces all selected text. Acrobat accepts only a legitimate value, so if you type a value not permitted for a date search, for example, entering 33 in the day field, Acrobat will not accept it. To change dates with the calendar, click the down arrow in the pull-down menu adjacent to the date in the field box to open the calendar.

For a month change, left-click in the title bar of the calendar on the month name. For example, if July appears listed in the title bar, click July. Be careful not to left-click the mouse below the title bar, because doing so selects a day and closes the calendar. When you left-click on the month name in the title bar, a pop-up menu displays the months of the year. Move the cursor to the desired month and left-click again.

You can also change months by scrolling the calendar backward or forward. Click the left arrow in the title bar to scroll backward or the right arrow to scroll forward. As you reach a year beginning or end, the next month in date order is opened. For example, scrolling backward from January 1996 opens December 1995.

When you click to select the desired month, Acrobat leaves the calendar view open so you can still make the year and day selections. To change the year in the calendar, left-click on the year in the title bar. The year becomes visible as editable text. You can edit the field or click the up or down arrows adjacent.

After you select the month and year, left-click on the desired day from the calendar displayed below the title bar. Acrobat supplies the new date in the field box, and closes the calendar.