Adding Audio Annotations to Image Files

When text and an image won’t do, you can add the sound of your voice with Audio Annotations. Working in the same manner as text-based Notes, Audio Annotations allow you to tack on a brief audio message to help aid in image development.

1. Make sure you have a working microphone hooked up to your computer and that it accepts audio input from your preferred recording device.

2. Select the Audio Annotation Tool from the bottom left of the Tools palette. If you see only the Notes Tool, press down on the Notes Tool until you see a submenu that includes the Notes Tool and the Audio Annotation Tool.

3. Set options as needed in the context menu: author’s name, which appears in the title bar of the notes window; and the color for the note icon and title bar of the note windows.

4. Select where you want to place the note in the file and click where you want to place the annotation icon.

5. Click Start and then speak into the microphone.

6. When you’re finished, click Stop. A speaker icon will appear where you initially clicked to start recording your Audio Annotation.