Importing a PDF Image

Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great way to exchange documents with people in the office or across the world. It is the primary format used by Adobe’s Illustrator and Acrobat programs.

PDF files display fonts, page layouts, and graphics — including vector and bitmap — and can also contain electronic document navigation features such as hyperlinks.

If you want to work with images inside a particular PDF file, without opening the entire PDF in Photoshop, you can! While Photoshop will allow you open whole PDF pages and bring them into the work area, you can also pick just an image out of the PDF.

1. To import an image in a PDF, first select File -> Import -> PDF Image.

2. In the Select PDF for Image Import dialog box choose the PDF file from which you want to import images, and then click Open.

3. If you want to open only a specific image from the PDF file, select it and click OK.

4. To select more than one image, press and hold the Shift key while clicking on images you want in the PDF Image Import dialog box.

5. You can import a multipage PDF file and convert it to a PSD file. To open the Convert dialog box, choosing File -> Automate -> Multi- Page PDF to PSD.

6. Under Source PDF, click Choose and select the PDF images you want to convert to Photoshop files.

7. Select the range of pages you want Photoshop to convert under Page Range. Set the resolution and color mode under Output Options.

8. Enter the file name which will be used as base. Photoshop will append indicators at the end of the file name to specify which page it represents.

9. If you want to hide the warnings, check the Suppress Warnings checkbox.

10. When you are done, press OK.