Navigating the HTML-Based Help System

Sometimes we all need a little help to get us through the lonely, confusing times. And with so many options in Photoshop, we can get lonely and confused more often than we would like.

Photoshop comes with an extensive Help System written in HTML, the markup language commonly used to create Web pages. So, when in doubt, launch your browser and surf the Help pages until you find your answer.

1. To access the HTML-based Help System select Help -> Photoshop Help. You will notice the Help System, is divided into two areas. In the left frame is the main navigation area and on the right is the content area. There are five text links at the top of the navigation area: Using Help, Contents, Index, Site Map and Search.

2. If you need help in navigating the content of the Help System, click Using Help to show a series of links in the content area that you can click for more information on using the various Help System features.

3. Select Contents for a series of links that enable you to access the contents of the Help System chapter by chapter.

4. Select Index to view the index of the entire Help System. You can scan the Help index much as you would scan the index of this book, looking for keywords.

5. Click Site Map in order to view all topics in the Help System and all entries in the Index.

6. To search the Help System insert the keywords into the input field and click Submit. The results from the search are listed below the search form. Click a link to open the page with the information you want in the content window on the righthand side.

7. In order to navigate within the content window, use the Previous and Next text links at the top and bottom of the content area to return to the previous page or advance to the next page of the help content.

8. Users who are new to Photoshop might appreciate the Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Color Management Setup and What’s New Information links on the Welcome Screen. By default, the Welcome Screen is displayed when you first start Photoshop (unless you haven’t checked the “Show this dialog at Startup” checkbox). You can also access this screen any time during your current session by selecting Help ->Welcome Screen.