Using Toolbar for Navigation

You can navigate pages in an Acrobat viewer via several means. You can scroll pages with tools, menus, and keystrokes; click hypertext links; and use dialog boxes to move through multiple documents and individual pages.

Depending on how a PDF file is created and edited, you can also follow Web links and articles through different sections of a document or through multiple documents. All Acrobat viewers have many navigation controls and several ways to go about viewing and navigating PDF pages.

The tools for navigation in Acrobat Professional and other Acrobat viewers with All Labels viewed are as follows:

  • First Page. In the current active document, the First Page tool returns you to the first page in the document.
  • Previous Page. The Previous Page tool moves you back one page at a time.
  • Next Page. The Next Page tool scrolls forward through pages one page at a time.
  • Last Page. The Last Page tool moves you to the last page in the document.
  • Go to Previous View. The Go to Previous View tool returns you to the last view displayed on your screen. Whereas the four preceding tools are limited to navigation through a single open document, the Go to Previous View tool returns you to the previous view even if the last view was another file.
  • Go to Next View. The Go to Next View tool behaves the same as the Go to Previous View tool except it moves in a forward direction. Use of the Go to Previous View and Go to Next View tools can be especially helpful when navigating links that open and close documents.

The Next Page and Last Page tools confine you to the active document; whereas the Go to Previous View and Go to Next View tools retrace your navigation steps regardless of how many files you have viewed.

Clicking one of the tools in the toolbar invokes the action associated with the tool. If you want to move through pages left or right, click the left or right arrows. If you want to go to the first or last page in the file, click the respective tools described earlier.

Using Context Menus

Acrobat viewers make use of context menu commands for page navigation. To use a context menu for moving forward and back in PDF pages and documents, select the Hand tool and click the right mouse button (Windows and two-button Macs) or Ctrl+click (Macintosh) to open the context menu.